I recently learned about a new website called Mucelli.  It allows you to search, find, and access tons of songs, and videos, whenever you want — for free. It also allows you to create your own play list using the most simple “drag-and-drop” feature possible.

A teacher could use the site to play songs as a part of lessons for his/her classroom.  I quickly and easily found several that I usually incorporate in various class exercises.  It wouldn’t be appropriate for in-class  student use because of the wide-range of music accessible on the site.

Mucelli seems wonderful, but it does make me a little uncomfortable.   I don’t know much about copyright laws, but I’m curious about how the site’s creators can legally do this.  I sent an email asking them about it, but they haven’t responded.

The site’s been mentioned on several tech-related blogs, and none of them have mentioned this concern and, in fact, refer to the fact that there are similar services already out there.

Am I missing something here?  Can someone clarify this issue for me?

If and when I learn that Mucelli is not “too good to be true,” I’ll place a link to it on my Teacher’s Page.