I’ve posted about Action Mazes in the past, which are basically “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories like “Goosebumps.”  At different points of the story, the reader has to choose among various options about what happens next.  It’s also called Interactive Fiction, though this type of writing can also be used to teach history or provide a training simulation.

They’re excellent writing and reading opportunities for both English Language Learners and native-speakers alike.  However, to easily create them on the computer you’ve had to download software, which is always problematic with school computers.

Protagonize is a new site that I learned about from Mashable.  It makes it very easy to create these stories online.

I’ve been communicating with Nick Bouton, the site’s creator, about how to make his site more conducive to classroom work.  Right now, anyone can create “forks in the road” for any story.

He says it’s very workable to create closed groups in his next upgrade to the site so that you can limit who has the ability to work on a particular story.

We’ve talked about some other ideas, too, that he’s considering.

I’ll post again about the site after the upgrade is in place.