Soundboard allows individual users to add audio clips to their own “Soundboard” (collection of sounds); describe their collection, and then post it with its own url.

Its main focus is obviously music, but its Historical clips are what particularly drew my attention.  My English Language Learner History students, after having gotten some background on modern history, could certainly benefit from listening and creating their own group of Martin Luther King audio clips, for example.  Then they could describe why they chose the clips they did.

Unfortunately, even though its a small part of the site, there’s also a section called “Mature” that would be inappropriate for student use.

The site also has an extensive sound effects and animal sound collection.  I’ve played games with Beginning English Language Learners listening to sound effects CD’s and then they have to guess what it is.  Teachers could certainly use this site as a source for those sounds.

I originally placed the link on my Examples of Student Work page.  However, after thinking about the mature content accessible on Soundboard (again, even though it’s a tiny part of the site), I decided to move the link to my Teacher’s Page under Audio.

I still think it’s a good activity for students.  Teachers are just going to want to carefully monitor it.