Pearson Education in Australia has a great site of free Companion Websites to support their textbooks.  The ones they have for what they call “secondary” (high school) seem especially good.

Among them, I’m particularly interested in what they call “drag-and-drop interactives.”  They’re also called “clozes” and “fill-in-the-gap” by others.

In these clozes, students have to drag the correct word to blanks in the text.  This is a good World History example.  Students can vary the level of difficulty.  They would be good activities for English Language Learners after they have gained some knowledge about the different eras.

Their Geography textbook sites have map-based activites like this one.

To get to these activities, you first have to click on the textbook titles, like Old Worlds, New Worlds.  Then click on a chapter at the top of the screen, and then on the drag-and-drop interactive for that chapter.

Since my website is designed for self-access by English Language Learners, I’ll be placing direct links to each interactive under the appropriate sections on my Geography and World History pages.  However, I probably won’t be getting to that for awhile, especially since I’m not teaching Geography this year and we’ve already covered Ancient History in my World History class.

I will get to it, though, in the next month or two.  In the meantime, I thought readers might find it useful to have this information now.