I learned about an excellent new site called Spelling City through receiving an email from its creator, John Edelson.

You can use sample lists on the site, or you can develop your own lists of words to learn.  The site will convert the lists into different stages — learn, play, test.  It provides audio support as well as text.

One of the exceptional features of the site is that it teaches the words in the context of an audio sentence instead of in isolation.  I’m continually amazed at technology — the site came up with appropriate sentences for all the words on the list I came up with.

The site stores the lists that you make. 

It’s free, and he says he plans to keep it that way.  John also writes, “I’m aiming to create the most useful and entertaining set of language learning games yet seen.”

He’s made a good start with Spelling City.

I’ve placed the link on my English For Beginners page under Spelling, and also on my English Themes For Beginners page under Favorite Sites.