I’ve posted about a couple of music websites over the past week that I thought might be useful for teachers who use music, as I do, in teaching.  I’m just not clear if these sites really follow copyright laws.

I’ve found a new one that seems to be the best of the three, and they claim they’re working within the confines of the law.  It’s called Dizzler.

It has a huge selection of songs, and you can make your own personal playlist.  Many of the songs I use with English Language Learners, ranging from “Lean On Me” to “Baby Beluga” can be found on the site.  One great benefit it has that I haven’t seen on the other sites is that Dizzler can also show you the lyrics.  That saves time from having to find it elsewhere.  Obviously, providing the lyrics to English Language Learners and doing activities with them are going to be key components of any lesson.

I’ve placed the link on my Teacher’s Page under Movies and Music For ESL.