Mr. Picassohead has been a fairly well-known and acclaimed web application for quite awhile.  However, everytime I had tried it in the past the ability to save and email my creation wasn’t working, so I never put a link to it on my website.

I’m happy to report that the last few times I experimented with it I was able to save and email the url of my “masterpieces.”  So I’ve now put a link to it on my Examples of Student Work page under Student Faces.

Let me give a brief explanation of what Mr. Picassohead is for those of you who haven’t heard about this wonderful web tool.  Basically, you can create a face in the style of Pablo Picasso.

It’s an excellent tool for beginning English Language Learners to become familiar with face-related vocabulary.  Higher levels can create a face, email the url and post it, and then describe their creation.