I was watching one of the football playoff games on TV today and saw a UPS ad that showed a guy drawing on a whiteboard.  The ad invited viewers to go to an online UPS Whiteboard.

In another example of viral marketing, users can write a message, email it to a friend, and have the UPS guy write it on a whiteboard.  Whoop-de-doo!  It sounds weird, but it’s apparently a big sensation.

If you’ve got a few minutes of deadtime at the end of a computer lab session, you could have English Language Learners use it and then post the url of their message on a blog or online journal.

You can read more how I use viral marketing gimmicks (most are a lot better than this one) as language development tools in this article I wrote for TechLearning.

I’ve placed the UPS link on my Examples of Student Work page under Student E-Cards.