I asked this question within the body of a longer post, but I figured I’d make a post only about this question.

I’ve been in touch with some teachers, and thought it wouldn’t hurt to try and connect with more. 

Both this semester and during the next school year I’ll have Intermediate English classes of 15-t0-eighteen year olds studying Social Studies here in Sacramento, California.  This semester it will be government and next year probably U.S. History.

I’d love to have my students connect with classes of Intermediate, Advanced, or native-English speakers in a different country.

This coming semester it would be great to share how our respective governments work, and how people make social change in our different countries.

Next school year I think it might be interesting to share how each of our countries is portrayed in the textbooks we use, as well as events that might have been occuring at the same times in our countries’ histories.

I’d certainly be open to other projects.

Let me know if you’re interested in exploring this idea further.