I’ve posted twice recently about different tools that can be used to create private social networks.  My particular interest is in seeing which one, if any, would be best to consider using for a network of ESL/EFL classes a group of us are forming.

Ning, for now, is blocked in our District, so that isn’t an option unless I can get that changed.

I just found that TechCrunch did a comparison of different networks a few months ago.  It’s a little old, but still useful.

I learned about a new (to me, at least) tool called Crowd Vine, and began experimenting with it.

It’s clearly not as nice-looking as Ning, but it sure couldn’t get an easier to set-up a private network.  It took all of thirty seconds.

There are a couple of other similar sites that I’m looking at and that I haven’t mentioned in my earlier posts.  These two are also not covered in TechCrunch’s list.  They’re Webjam and Spruz.

I’ll keep readers posted on what I learn.