If you thought the new theme on my blog looked good earlier today, you should see it now after it was lucky enough to have received a complete makeover from Sue Waters this afternoon.

In a stroke of genius by James Farmer at Edublogs, Sue has begun a second blog for Edublogs called The Edublogger.  It’s designed to help the writers of Edublogs’ 100,000 plus blogs become more effective bloggers.  I couldn’t understand why anyone involved in education wouldn’t use Edublogs before, but now, with the addition of Sue and with all sorts of recent Edublogs upgrades, I really can’t understand not using it.

I had emailed Sue a suggestion that she might want to consider giving a “makeover” to a blog like they do to homes and rooms in some reality television series.    She liked the idea and my blog ended up receiving the makeover, and I think she will be posting some before-and-after screenshots to use as teaching tool.

I’m certainly open to hearing anybody else’s suggestions for improvement, too.

Sue’s a great teacher and, in case you missed it in December, I listed her Wiki as one of The Best Places To Learn Web 2.0 Basics.