I was able to make this new list sooner than I had thought I would. The sites listed in my previous list of The Best Websites To Help Beginning Readers have been enjoyed by both my students and their parents. However, most of them have had little or no formal schooling in the past.

I can see that older students and adults who have had some formal schooling in their native countries, but who have had no prior experience with the English language, might not feel engaged by a number (though not all, as I indicated in that post) of the sites in my previous list.

Here are what I believe to be the Best Websites For Beginning Older Readers:

Number eight are Sight Words at Quiz Tree. I’m not a big fan of sight word memorization out of context, but this is a decent way for students to be introduced to, and practice, some of the basic English sight words, also known as the Dolch Word List.

REEPworld Family English is number two. It’s a series of stories about recent immigrants and includes excellent online follow-up activities. REEP’s English For Health section is also a very good literacy resource.

And, now, the number one ranked website for beginning older readers is…Marshall Adult Education.

Literably Is An Excellent Reading Site — If Used With Caution

New “Open eBooks” App Unveiled By White House Looks Like A HUGE Benefit To Students & Schools

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