One of the most important elements of my website is that the 8,000 categorized links are designed for student self-access — even Beginning English Language Learners (perhaps after a very brief orientation) should be able to navigate through it on their own if necessary. 

This is particularly important to help families in our home computer Family Literacy Project.  It also helps classes who might be studying a particular theme (like “Telling Time,” for example) so teachers can instruct students to pick any of the links under that particular section.

All the websites that have made it onto one of my “The Best…” lists are now scattered throughout various sections on my website though, as I have mentioned in previous posts, quite a few of them can be found under the Favorite Sites section.

They will continue to remain in those scattered sections.  However, in addition, direct links to all of these high-quality sites will be on their own new page on my website.  It will be under construction for awhile, but you can get a sense of what it will look like here.   This new page is listed in the “Table of Contents” on my main English page as “The Best Websites.”

You’ll still have to go to this blog to find reviews of each site, but this lay-out should make it more accessible to students.

I’m open to hearing other suggestions about the design of that webpage, too.