Web2Wave is a visual bookmarking site in 3D that I think has a lot of educational potential for both English Language Learners and mainstream students.

It allows you to create “tabs” where you can categorize visual images of websites you’d like to bookmark.  You can write a short description for each website and categorize them in each “tab.”  Then, you can view your bookmarked sites in a pretty cool 3D carousel.

I’ve been looking for a good visual bookmarking application for quite awhile that my students could use to help develop their categorization skills.  QuickieClick has potential, but they only show, for now, the images of the mainpage of the site you want to bookmark and not the actual page.  In addition, it won’t bookmark specific images — only webpages.

Web2Wave, on the other hand, appears to show the page you want to bookmark almost immediately and also allows you to bookmark images, which would provide even more opportunities for categorization exercises.

The only negative I see in the site right now is that, even though you can tag each individual website you bookmark, it doesn’t appear that you can actually name the ‘tabs.”  You can only call them Tab 1, Tab 2, etc.

I’ve emailed asking them if they anticipate allowing users to customize the names of the tabs, or asking if you can do that now and I’m just missing it.

(Editor’s Note: Oops, they just replied to my email, and I was indeed just missing it — you can do that already by  just clicking twice on the “tab” title)

I’ve placed the link on my Examples of Student Work page under Student Bookmarks.