Bloglines has not been picking-up any new posts from this blog for the past seven days.  In fact, it hasn’t been picking-up any new posts from the 100,000 plus blogs using Edublogs.

This has been an on-going problem with Bloglines, though all other RSS Readers pick-up the feeds without any problem.  This is an issue with Bloglines — Edublogs doesn’t contribute to the problem at all.

If you are subscribing to this blog through Bloglines, and you just happen to be visiting to see if there are new posts here, I suggest three options:

1) Continue using Bloglines for your subscriptions, hope that they eventually begin updating new posts from this blog and other Edublogs soon, and just check-in here to read new posts.

2) Change to a more reliable RSS Reader, like Google Reader, to use for your blog subscriptions.

3) Subscribe to this blog via email.  Feedblitz has been very reliable.  You can do this here.  Each day you will receive one email containing all the posts that had been made in the previous day.

I’d also encourage you to complain to Bloglines.

You can also read more subscription information at How To Subscribe To This Blog By Email or RSS.