Kerpoof! has been around for awhile, and other blogs have posted about it extensively.  I’m not going to reinvent the wheel and describe all of its delightful features, but I’d encourage you to read those other posts.  It’s basically a very visual site that allows students to create their own stories and movies, and is well-suited to English Language Learners and others.

I haven’t written about it, though, because up until now I felt it lacked one feature that I think is critical for any real effective student Web 2.0 tool — the ability to post what you’ve created online for people to see.   With Kerpoof! students have been able to save their work, but until today the primary way to access it was by signing-in to the free service — you really couldn’t make it easily available for others to see it.

But no more….

I just received an email from Caryn Jones at Kerpoof! who writes:

“We’ve created an easier way to get the URL (before the best way to get it was to e-mail the scene or movie to yourself). As of today, when you go to save your scene and have clicked “Save Scene” a dialogue box pops up that gives you the URL…”

This is great news and will allow teachers and students to post the url’s of their creations on their website, blog, or online journal.

Thanks for listening, Kerpoof!

I’ll be posting the link under a few sections on my Examples Of Student Work page.