It’s time for the third ELL, ESL, EFL Carnival!

As usual, there have been some excellent contributions.  But before I share them, please put the deadline for the next Carnival on your calendar — March 31st.  You can use this submission form to contribute blog posts that you believe offer helpful advice or insight into teaching English (including student work). 

Here are the posts for this edition:

Technology In The Classroom:

Eric Koshinsky writes Give CALL A Try.  In this post, he shares lots of ideas about what a teacher can do with just one computer in his/her classroom.

Alice Mercer, my Sacramento colleague, shares Podcasting For ELD.  She writes about how she has her students prepare a podcast that’s sent, by telephone, to all the parents.

“Bennie” talks about Technology and Blogging As A Learning Method.


Nina Liakos gives good advice to her students about Reading For Pleasure.

Mathew Needleman contributes How To Scaffold Open Court Vocabulary For English Language Learners.  Mathew also hosted an excellent carnival this week that’s worth checking-out, the Carnival of Education.

Evelyn Ono Vineberg writes about the Irregular Verb Chat Board she created for her students.  I, too, am a fan of board games to help students learn.  In fact, last week I made one for my grand-daughter to help with her reading skills.

I look forward to seeing what the next edition holds.  And, by the way, you can see previous editions here.