GIFup is great new web application.  I’m particularly excited about it because, as I wrote last week, I’m always on the look-out for easy ways for students to quickly collect photos they can categorize and describe.  GIFup, in combination with my students using their Jottit webpages, makes about the easiest and painless way possible that this can be done.

I still don’t really understand what a GIF animation is technically, but I do know that, with GIFup,  students don’t have to register and can either search through Flickr, or grab images off the web, and then the site automatically creates a slideshow of those images.

It then creates an embed code that you can copy and paste onto a Jottit webpage and it then appears there.  Students can write about the images just below them.

I was a fan of Jottit before, but now I’m a super-fan after finding Demo-Girl’s screencast about it.  I had been disappointed that you couldn’t paste images in a Jottit page but, before I saw the screencast, I had thought that meant you couldn’t embed images, either.  For someone who is supposedly pretty smart, I’m sometime amazed at how dumb I can be…

Now I can only hope that when I go into school on Monday I’ll find that Gifup is not blocked by our content filter….

I’ll place the link somewhere on my Examples of Student Work page.