This post is both to share some links and to ask for suggestions.

Students and families in our home computer family literacy project spend one hour each day using links on our website to help develop their English skills.  Three of these seven hours are spent on sites where we can monitor their progress.   Household members log-in with their own password and we can check each week to see the number of hours that are spent on these sites.  Families complete a paper log for the other four hours.  Most students and their families far exceed this minimum commitment each week.

We have four sites where we’ve set-up an online classroom where students sign-in and where we can see their progress.  These sites are Raz-Kids, English For All, I Know That, and Hello World.  You can set-up classrooms for free at English For All and Hello World.  It costs $60 at Raz-Kids, and $200 for I Know That.

Since some of our families have had these computers and DSL service for as long as two years,  they’ve almost completed going through the content at these four sites.  So we’re looking for additional sites that have content accessible to English Language Learners and would allow us to set-up an online classroom for them.  English Space had been a possibility, but it doesn’t appear that they are functioning any longer.

Any other suggestions?