If you visit my blog instead of reading posts via an RSS Feed Reader, you’ll see, among other things,  one section on my sidebar called How To Subscribe To My Free Monthly Newsletter and the other entitled Websites of The Month.

I send out a free monthly email sharing what I call the “Websites of the Month” — my choices for the top ten links I post about each month.    Some people don’t want to get daily emails (or RSS feeds) of new posts, and I know some do subscribe to the daily posts but also like getting the newsletter so they can forward it to others.  A few hundred people currently subscribe to the newsletter.

The newsletter itself is quite simple.  You can see past issues here.

I also write a monthly blog post highlighting these Top Ten picks, too, but just list their titles and links with no elaboration.  The newsletter explains more what they are and how they might be used.

It’s easy to subscribe.  Just send me an email at MrFerlazzo@aol.com and write “Subscribe Me” on the subject line.