Jump Knowledge is a tool for annotating webpages that I posted about last March.  Students can make notes on any part of any webpage and save the page in their free account or post a link to it just about anywhere.

Fleck is a similar service, and it’s very good.  However, Jump Knowledge has upgraded since I last posted about it, and in some ways it may even be a better option — it just seems simpler and “cleaner.”   My students seem to like it a little bit more.  Fleck is planning an upgrade, so that might make the choice a lot clearer. 

I’m assuming this has much more to do with how all the computers in our lab are connected, but another reason I like Jump Knowledge is that students’ accounts don’t get mixed-up.  When I have thirty people using Fleck at the same time, for some reason people will start off working on their own account and then, a few minutes later, they’ll still be working on the same page but they’ll be on someone else’s account.  Weird.

Links to both sites on are my Examples of Student Work page.