James Farmer at Edublogs yesterday introduced a way for people to support Edublogs by contributing and becoming an Edublogs Supporter.  If you have an Edublogs-hosted blog, it only costs $25 a year and you get some upgrades with it.  Jeez, I would assume that most people would contribute just as a thank you for everything we get now — without the upgrades.

One of the upgrades related to Feedburner, and people who subscribe to this email through an RSS Reader unfortunately received a “personalized Feedburner” message yesterday that only I was supposed to receive.  I did something wrong while activating the upgrades but Sue Waters’ fixed it,  so you won’t get anything like that again.  That’s it, I’m not doing anything to this blog before I read step-by-step instructions in her great The Edublogger posts!

Thanks to Damon Gudiatis at Ask Olli, an online index of language learning resources, for letting me know so quickly about the problem.