I’ve posted before about a variety of real-time collaborative tools for online work.  I haven’t created a “The Best…” list for them yet just because it hasn’t been something I’ve needed to use in my own teaching practice.  My students have been able to do joint projects with other classes in our own school, and the time zones for sister classes in other countries don’t facilitate real-time communication.

I do keep my eyes out for these collaborative sites, though, just in case I need to use it for family or other collaborative work I might do professionally.

Today, Mashable posted about 13 Online Word Processors.    Two in particular were new to me, and stood out because of their offering simultaneous collaborative editing. 

J2E (for Just Too Easy) is designed specifically for students and schools.  I liked this one — it seemed very easy to use.  Solodox was another application that might have some potential.

If you get a chance, try them out and let me know what you think.