I’ve decided that there are enough additional good web applications to add a part three to The Best Ways For Students (and Anyone Else!) To Create Online Content Easily, Quickly & Painlessly and More Of The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily, Quickly & Painlessly.

The criteria to get on this list remains the same, so I’d encourage you to revisit the previous two lists to get a little more background. I don’t think it’s necessary to repeat it here.

You might also want to explore all my other “The Best….” lists, too, along with the 8,000 categorized links on my website. The links on this list, and more, can specifically be found on my Examples of Student Work page.

Here they are:

DESIGN A SNOWFLAKE: You can virtually cut and design a snowflake, write a message on it, and email the link to a teacher or friend at Snow Days.

CREATE YOUR OWN ART COLLECTION: Choose paintings you like from the Tate Museum in Great Britain, describe your collection, and then email it.

SEND A MYSTERY MESSAGE: Go to the Museum of Science – Ancient Egypt and write a message that the recipient has to excavate from an archaeological dig in order to read.

DESIGN YOUR DREAM ROOM: Create your ideal kitchen, bedroom or living room at Bravo TV.

MAKE YOUR OWN PICTURE DICTIONARY: Splashr is an extraordinary application that students, particularly second-language learners, can use to easily create their own picture dictionary. Write in a word, choose from a ton of different presentation styles, and you get countless images representing that word. Even better, you can email the link and, I wasn’t kidding, create your own picture dictionary.

WRITE A MESSAGE ON A BOAT: Have you ever wanted to write a message that appeared on a side of a boat? Well, neither have I, but that’s what you can do at this Sea France Christmas Card.

COMPOSE A MESSAGE THAT’S WRITTEN BY A PENGUIN SLIDING ON ITS BELLY: Yes, that’s what you can do at Paperboy. It doesn’t have an internal email feature, but you can copy and paste the link to your message.

SEND A NEON MESSAGE: If you’ve ever dreamed of getting your name up in neon lights, you can make it a reality at Sprint Sweets. In fact, you can get anything you want written in neon lights and email it to a teacher or friend.

CREATE & SEND A WEIRD KIND OF CELLPHONE THING: In yet another misguided attempt at effective viral marketing, a cellphone company allows you to create something they call Dudes and, using a text-to-speech feature, have it say what you want.

DESIGN YOUR OWN CUSTOM HANDBAG: A handbag manufacturer lets you design your own handbag and email it to a friend. After you see how much it would cost to get it for real, you’ll definitely want to stick to the virtual version.

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