I know I said I was going to stop at part three of my series on The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily, Quickly and Painlessly , but found I had a few more good ones I had forgotten to include earlier.

The same criteria apply, including no registration is required, the sites are accessible to English Language Learners, content can be created in a few minutes, the completed product is hosted on the site’s server for an indefinite period of time, and there’s an email feature within the site so you can send your creation to a teacher or a friend.

Several of these sites are used as commercial advertisements. Because of that, in addition to using them for language-development activities, I use them as opportunities for lessons with students about the market culture of our society and commercial manipulation. If we are going to use these commercial sites to enhance reading, writing, listening and speaking objectives, I think we also have to assist our students to critically engage the world using higher-order thinking skills.

Here are ten more sites:

DIRECT A WILDLIFE FILM: This is a great one! You can create a film using video clips, sounds, captions, and music at the National Geographic Filmmaker, and then email the link.

MAKE ANOTHER MOVIE: I’ve shared in the previous sections about animated movie-making sites, but JuniorNet is another one. Thanks to David Deubel and EFL Classroom 2.0 for sharing this site.

SING ANOTHER SONG: As in the above movie example, I’ve already shared sites that let you sing your own song. This viral marketing example, called Collisions, lets you choose a genre of music,including disco and mariachi, sing the lyrics of your choosing, and then email your recording. This site requires a microphone, but it also allows you to call-in your song by phone. Trust me, you don’t want see (or more specifically, hear) my example.

SOUND LIKE A CHIPMUNK: In this viral marketing scheme for the new Alvin and The Chipmunks movie, you can design your own chipmunk and then either record yourself or use the text-to-speech feature to write a message. Your chipmunk will then speak your message (it will speak with a chipmunk “accent”). Not ideal, however, for teaching good pronunciation.

SEND A BOUQUET OF VIRTUAL FLOWERS: Create a bouquet of virtual flowers, write a message, and send it to a teacher or friend. You can also send a different version at the Bouquet Maker. A less expensive way to go for Valentine’s Day…

CREATE A PIRATE MESSAGE: Design a pirate, write a message, and have him deliver it in pirate talk.

MAKE A PAPER CRITTER: It’s hard to explain. Go to Paper Critters and check it out. I’m still not quite sure I understand what it is, but it looks cool.

CREATE A LINE-RIDER: Actually, you can create a Free-Rider, the sequel to the famous Line-Rider game. You can save the game you create, but you’re only given the link so you have to copy and paste it in your own email or blog. It’s only a little complicated to save your game — go to my original post to learn how.

WRITE A MESSAGE FOR A FREE-RUNNER: I posted about this one yesterday. Write a message and have an acrobatic free runner “run” over and through the letters of your message.

You can also find these links, along with 8,000 more, on my website. You can also find all my “The Best…” lists here. I’m in the process of putting the lists on a webpage that’s suitable for student self-access.

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