There sure are a lot of creative people out there! When I think of learning games related to geography, I figure there are only a limited number of things you can do with a map. However, I’m continually amazed at what people come up with….In fact, I think my next “The Best…” list, after the one on sites for exploring jobs and careers that I’m publishing next week, will be on Geography.

The most recent addition to creative geography games is called Place Spotting. You’re shown a satellite image of a location, and then have to read a variety of clues to try to determine the location. All the different “riddles” are user-generated.

I think most of the ones on the site now might be too hard for English Language Learners. However, students can create their own, including their own clues, post the link to their creations, and everyone in the class can try to solve the problems their peers have created. It could be a great activity! And it doesn’t appear that you even have to register on the site to be able to make your own riddle.

I’ve placed the link on my Examples of Student Work page under Student Geography Riddles.