One day after I posted The Best Online Tools For Real-Time Collaboration two new web applications opened for business with similar purposes. I don’t think either one is better than the ones that made my list, but they both offer some different features that are worth considering.

One is Orgoo Video Chat. It appears that Orgoo provides the option of having audio only if you don’t have a webcam, like the other video chat services that made my list. However, it only allows a maximum of four people in your video conference “room,” which is a smaller number than the applications that made my list. The only advantage it has over the others is that Orgoo lets you have a text “chatroom” simultaneously. However, apart from sharing url addresses, I don’t really understand why you’d be texting each other if you were already talking, but maybe I’m missing something. By the way, I learned about Orgoo from TechCrunch.

The other new site is called PalBee. This, too, only allows you to have four people on your video conference (if you want to pay you can increase it to nine). It also seems a little more complicated to actually use. However, it does let you to use a virtual whiteboard, or show a PowerPoint, or show images, at the same time you’re talking, which could useful.

I’ll still stick to the ones on yesterday’s list….