This is the latest in a series on The Best Ways to Create Online Content Easily and Quickly. The previous parts have shared well over fifty different sites students, and teachers, can use to make engaging online content. You especially might want to review the first list, which shares a lot of the background and rationale behind my writing this series.

And, of course, you might be interested in reviewing all of my other The Best… lists, as well.

The sites on this list meet the same criteria as those in the previous ones in the series — they’re free, no registration is required, you can use them to create engaging content, they’re accessible to English Language Learners, your creation is hosted indefinitely by the site itself, and you don’t need any extra equipment (webcam, microphone) to access the site.

Also, please remember that links to all these sites can be found on my website, along with 8,000 other categorized links designed for student self-access.

So here are nine more web applications that meet my criteria. Unlike most of my other lists, though, I don’t rank them. They’re all equally as easy to use:

SEND AN AMERICAN HISTORY E-CARD: Choose among thousands of images from U.S. History from Picture History, write about it, and then send it as an E-Card to a teacher or to yourself. The link can then be posted on a blog or online journal.

WRITE A SPEECH “BUBBLE” FOR A PICTURE: I’ve written about similar web applications, but Lynchr makes it about as easy as it can get. Pick any image off the web, or off your computer, write and place a “speech bubble,” and you have a creation that can be linked to or embedded. The only thing it doesn’t have is an automatic email feature — you’d have to copy and paste the url.

CREATE YOUR OWN LEPRECHAUN: You can make your own Irish leprechaun and make him say what you want him to say (using the text-to-speech feature). You can even have him/her speak in an Irish brogue, but that won’t help English Language Learners in the United States develop good pronunciation skills!

SEND AN AUDIO EMAIL MESSAGE: Gabsight is an application that does require a microphone, but it’s so easy to use that I included it here even though it didn’t meet all my criteria. It’s actually a tool designed to send a video email, but you can use it for audio-only, too. Just record, then copy and paste the link for posting in the body of an email or on a online journal or blog. It’s not quite as easy as Daft Doggy (I’ve posted about it in an earlier list), which has a similar application and a built-in automatic email feature, but I have to admit the sound quality seems a bit better.

CREATE STRANGE-LOOKING MODERN ART: Viscosity lets you create…strange-looking modern art. You can then copy and paste the link on an online journal. You have to see it to sort of understand it.

SEND A POLAROID-STYLE E-CARD: Photo-Notes lets you upload a photo or use one of theirs to write an E-Card that looks like an old-style Polaroid picture.

CREATE A GEOGRAPHIC RIDDLE: Use PlaceSpotting to pick a place on a map and create write clues to what it is. You can read more about it at my original post.

WRITE ANOTHER WEIRD E-CARD: You can use Postalz to design creative and weird-looking E-Cards. You have to register (for free) to actually send them. However, you can design and write the card, and copy and paste the link to it, without actually registering.

DRAW A REALLY, REALLY BIZARRE LOOKING “THING”: Click on a color and start moving your mouse. There’s no way I can describe what you come up with at this viral marketing site. Email your creation, if you dare.

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