Last week I posted my picks for The Best Online Tools For Real-Time Collaboration. Since I wrote the list, I’ve discovered some additional sites and other readers have been gracious enough to share suggestions.

None of these new ones, though, meet my criteria, which includes having to be free, completely browser-based without any download requirement, and accessible to English Language Learners (and to people like me who require things to be very clear and simple).

The newest one I learned about is called Vyew. It actually looks like a pretty decent product for online real-time collaboration — it’s free and completely browser-based. However, the screen just looks too complicated to me.

You can see a list of online collaboration tools on my Teacher’s Page under Collaboration Sites-Real Time. There you’ll find a link to the ones that made my list, as well as other sites that met all of my criteria except for being accessible to English Language Learners.