Hot on the heels of posting Part Six of The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly , I’ve identified enough new sites to make it worth posting Part Seven.

All the same criteria apply, so I won’t bother repeating them again. You can find them in the previous parts of this series.

And, in case you’re new to this blog, this series is actually part of a much bigger series of “The Best…” lists I’ve composed over the past few months.

Here are the latest additions:

SEND AN AUDIO (OR VIDEO) MESSAGE: Voxlite is a super simple way to send a video email, but a great thing about it is you can also just use the audio if you don’t have a webcam. When you go to the site, just click on “Send a Private Video Message” and start recording. When you’re done, click “Stop Recording” and write an address using the built-in email feature. You’re emailed a url address that can be posted in an blog or online journal. It’s great oral practice for English Language Learners.

(Editor’s Note: Voxlite appears to have eliminated the audio only option for its service, so you can only use it if you have a Webcam now)

CREATE A MAP USING ‘PUSH-PINS’ WITH AUDIO DESCRIPTIONS: TechCrunch just reported about a new web application by My Vox that lets you identify any place on a map, place a “push-pin” on it, and then leave an audio description of the place. It would be great oral practice for English Language Learners to describe field trips, locations around the world for geography class, or places where historical events occurred. It would be great if you could just record the audio by a microphone but, instead, when you place a push-pin on the map you’re assigned a code. You then have to call a toll-free number, dial the code, and then make the recording.

DESIGN A SORT OF MARIONETTE: Saying that the The Calamity Game lets you create a very complicated marionette doesn’t do it justice, but I can’t figure out any other way to describe it. It appears pretty complicated at first, at least to me, but I’m amazed at how quickly my English Language Learner students can figure out these kinds of games. Design your “marionette,” make it do things, and then save it for posting on an online journal or blog where students can describe it.

SEND AN ELVIS PRESLEY MESSAGE: Dress-up a Virtual Elvis, and pick a mood and a song for him to sing. Then use the built-in email feature to send the url address of your creation so it can be posted.

SEND A MONSTER: Pick the monster of your choice and either record a message for him/her to say or use the text-to-speech feature in this Halloween Card Creator. It’s supposed to be for Halloween, but who wouldn’t like to received a greeting from Frankenstein or Dracula anytime of the year? You can post the url address of your monster message.

DESIGN A VIRTUAL JACK-O-LANTERN: When Halloween comes along, I just know I’m going to cut my finger off trying to carve a pumpkin. But there are no worries here where you can Carve Your Pumpkin Online.

COMPOSE AN UNUSUAL CHRISTMAS CAROL: Yes, yes, I know that Halloween and Christmas a many months in the future, but you can never prepare too early. With this Carol-Maker you can compose a never-heard-before mashup of strange grunts with classic Christmas songs, and email it to a friend (or enemy).

CREATE A ROCKIN’ ROBIN MESSAGE: Here another web application for Christmas. Write a message that will be delivered by a a group of dead, dancing turkeys and other creatures for Christmas at Rockin’ Robin.

CREATE YOUR OWN CREATURE: You can Create Your Own Creature at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Put it together and then write a story about it. Then click “Send.” After you do that, view the gallery of other creatures, find yours, and click on it. You can then get a unique url address you can post which will have your critter and your story about it.

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