I’ve been getting a such positive and helpful response from readers when I announce ahead of time what my next “The Best Of…” lists are going to be and ask for recommendations that I’m going to continue the practice.

My next list will be The Best Sites To Practice English Speaking & Pronunciation. I appreciate the suggestions I’ve received — keep them coming. Even if people’s submissions don’t make my list, I will still include everyone’s contributions and the name and blog of who sent it in.

After that I’ll be making a list of The Best Online Collaboration Sites Not In Real-Time. I’ve already created The Best Online Tools For Real-Time Collaboration. But, really, for the international Sisters Classes project I’m involved in (and which I’ll post about next week) all of our time zones are very, very different, and it’s unlikely we’re going to get our students all together on computers at the same time.

However, I think it is feasible for students from different classes around the world to work together and create joint online projects like slideshows, reports, etc.

Which online tools do you think work best for these kind of long-distance asynchronous collaborations. I think that’s the word used to describe these kind of joint projects. But I won’t be using it again — I figure if I can’t spell it and I’m not even sure it’s the right word to use then I’ll pass on it. Collaboration Sites Not In Real Time works fine for me.