Well, I found a few more sites to include in what I expect will be the last part (for awhile, at least) of my series on The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly. I’ve got to get to work on some different “The Best…” lists.

Please review the previous parts of this series to find the criteria I’ve used to determine if a site gets on this list, and for the list’s rationale.

Here they are:

MAKE A MIXTAPE: Mixwit lets you search for music by the title or recording artist, make a playlist, write a description, and create a virtual “mixtape” of the songs. You’re then given a url address for your tape that can be posted on a blog or online journal. You don’t have to register in order to make one. I suspect, though, that users can access some songs with inappropriate language for the classroom. Some nice advantages that this site has over similar ones are (in addition to not having to register) that the tapes of others are not displayed and that the designs of the “virtual tapes” themselves are not inappropriate.

CREATE A POLL: I recently wrote a post about Poll Junkie, an easy way to make a poll/survey.

SEND A “BABY EMAIL”: You can design your own baby and the message he/she will communicate at Baby Email. This is another strange example of viral marketing.

MAKE A SLIDESHOW: In previous parts of this series I’ve posted about some sites where users can create online slideshows without registering. Big Huge Labs has another easy online application. You can grab images off the Web and add captions, and then receive a unique url address for it that can be posted on a blog or webpage.

STAR IN YOUR OWN TV SHOW: Jaduka TV lets you pick from several short animations, choose a character you want to insert into it, and then — using its text to voice feature — have him/her say what you want.

CREATE A PERSON: You can put together a person from “scratch” using the V Host, and then email the url for inclusion in a blog or online journal. English Language Learners could then describe who and what they designed.

CREATE YOUR OWN ANIMATION: Fluxtime lets you design your own animation and email the url for posting. It’s not as easy as other animation sites I’ve written about, but it seems to allow for a little more creativity.

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