Thanks to one of my favorite blogs, Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day, I’ve learned about a new web application that I’m sure will be on my 2008 list of The Best Web 2.0 Applications For ESL/EFL Learners.

Read The Words lets you convert any text — from a document, blog, or website — into audio with your choice from a variety of voices. You can then embed the voice player into your site.

English Language Learners can easily copy and paste an essay they’re writing to hear if it sounds “right.” They can complete a story or essay, paste it into a Jottit page, and then embed a Read The Words audio player that will speak what they wrote.

It’s easier to use than Scribd, and it eliminates the chance of students accessing inappropriate material (which could happen at Scribd’s site).

I haven’t quite figured out where I’ll be putting the link on my website, but it’s definitely a “keeper.”