ESL/EFL teachers from seven countries (Kuwait, Brazil, Argentina, the United States, Sudan, Hungary, and Romania) have brought our classes together online to correspond and to develop joint projects. You can see some of the first efforts by our students in their introductory slideshows, VoiceThreads, animated movies and videos at our Student Showcase. Feel free to leave audio or written comments on the VoiceThreads, and written comments on the blog itself.

We’re also open to other teachers of Intermediate English classes comprised of 15-20 year-olds joining us. You can leave a comment or contact me (or any of the other teachers who are now participating) directly if you’re interested.

We’re exploring a variety of future projects, including creating a Ning-like network (but we can’t use Ning since my School District blocks it) and possibly studying and sharing presentations on topics like how our governments work, the effects of globalization on each of our countries, and our countries’ histories.

The teachers participating now are Dot MacKenzie, Hala Fawzi, Ronaldo, Ana Maria, Tibor Prievara, Rita Zeinstejer, Mona Bran and me.