I’ve been trying to dig-out from under an enormous amount of work (including a backlogged Google Reader). Being gone for a week without much access to a computer does complicate matters, as Sue Waters also writes about today.

As regular readers of this blog know, I like to use certain online video games as an English language development exercise.

Here are a few recent games that I’ve posted on my website under Word and Video Games that would be accessible to English Language Learners. You’ll find these links and the Walkthroughs (instructions on how to win the games — an essential tool in maximizing them to help learn English) at the bottom of that category. I only posted links to the games themselves here — you’ll have to go to my website for the walkthroughs. I’m just a little too tired to post them here, too, today.

They are:

A game about wizards called The Final Spell.

E-Scape, what’s called an “Escape The Room” game.

Tipping Point, a pretty ambitious “Point-and-Click” adventure.