It’s time for the fourth edition of the ELL/ESL/EFL Carnival, bringing together posts from throughout the blogosphere about English language learning and teaching. The deadline for the next Carnival will be in about two months — on May 31st. You can contribute submissions using this easy form.


Ronaldo Lima from Brazil gives an excellent
comparison of online presentation tools and then shares how his students used them in an international ESL/EFL Sister Classes project where he and seven other teachers from around the world (including me) are collaborating.

David Deubelbeiss, the brains and primary energy behind EFL Classroom 2.0, writes about “bots” (those animated thingamajigs that try talking to you on the computer) and language learning.

Alice Mercer, who I can’t say enough good things about, writes about she uses computers to help develop her students’ verbal skills.

Carla Arena has a not-to-be-missed post on blogging in the classroom. It’s one of the best, if not the best, piece I’ve seen written on the subject. She follows that one up with a post about incorporating technology in the classroom.

Mathew Needleman, who hosts his own excellent Digital Storytelling Carnival, writes about using iPods as a teaching and learning tool. Mathew, by the way, was just named a Top Online Educator.

Cora Chen from San Francisco has some beautiful videos and follow-up exercises for ESL students on her blog. She’s also contributed some excellent examples of student work.

Eric Koshinsky shares about a free online PowerPoint-like program he likes. He’s also submitted an excellent post reviewing a variety of pronunciation software.


EFL Geek from Korea, who might be the “dean” of ESL/EFL bloggers, shares some ideas on how to use a TV comedy show as a language-development exercise.

Heidi Hyte discusses reading strategies in ESL/EFL instruction. She differentiates between ones that are bottom-up and those that are top-down.

Sabrina De Vita from Argentina contributes a lesson plan on racial discrimination.

I hope you enjoyed the posts as much as I did!