Here’s another installment in my series on The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly. There just seem to be more and more sites out there that let you create engaging online content, not require registration, are free, host your creation indefinitely, and require minimal computer skill.

There are a number of educational uses for these and the other sites in previous editions of this series, not least of which is having English Language Learners post their creations and describe them, say why they made what they did, and to comment on the products of their peers.

Here are the latest additions to this long, and getting longer, list:

HAVE BOB DYLAN SEND A MESSAGE: Create a “burma-shave” message on ten sheets a very young Bob Dylan shows right after another. You can then email it to a teacher or friend and post the url on a blog or online journal.

COMPOSE YOUR OWN MUSICAL COMPOSITION: Here’s another site where you can make your own music — this time from The Make Your Own Music Game. Email your creation for posting on a website or blog.

BUILD YOUR OWN MOTORCYCLE: Create the Honda motorcycle of your dreams. Be sure to click on “Europe” to get to the English version of the site.

SEND A “TRICKED-OUT” MOUSE: You can create a very strange looking computer mouse at Tricked-Out Mouse. As bizarre as it sounds, there are actually quite a few vocabulary-building opportunities here for English Language Learners as they can put tank treads, different colors, and a zillion other items on their virtual mouse.

WRITE SOMETHING — ANYTHING — AND HAVE IT SAVED: There are a couple of web applications I like that are basically word processors that don’t require any registration. One is called Writer. You just start writing and, when you’re done, click “send.” Your content is then automatically emailed to the address of your choosing (what you’ve written is actually in the body of the email). It could then be copied and pasted onto a website like Jottit. Demo Girl has a nice screencast showing its capabilities, which are more than I mention here.

The other similar site is called YourDraft. There, though, your content is given its own url and you have to copy and paste the address in the body of an email, or post it on a blog or online journal.

SEND AN ANIMATED E-CARD: There are a variety of animated E-Cards here. You can write a message that will appear in them, and email, and then post, the url address.

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