Here’s another batch of sites to add to the ever-expanding list of The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly.

As usual, these sites don’t require registration, are very accessible to English Language Learners, can be used to create engaging online content in minutes, will host what you create on their own server indefinitely, and don’t require much typing.

Several are examples of viral marketing, and you can read about how I use those in class by reading this article.

Here are the newest additions:

PAINT A PICTURE ONLINE AND WRITE ABOUT IT: I recently posted about Flash Paint, which I think is an ideal art web application for English Language Learners.

WRITE SUBTITLES FOR A COUPLE OF TALKING SOCKS: I think these socks are speaking whatever language they speak in Iceland, and you get to write English subtitles for them, as well as designing backgrounds and “customize” their whole experience (I am not making this up!). Go to Iceland Socks.

CREATE YOUR OWN CELLPHONE AVATAR Go to Wirefly, personalize your avatar, use the text-to-speech feature to have him/her speak, and then email the url for posting on a blog or online journal.

SEND A TALKING CARD: At Talking Cards you get to choose from a variety of designs and characters and, using their text-to-speech option, have it speak whatever you want. You can use the “free” option for the cards, and the site just says your message will include some advertising. However, the ones that I’ve tried just includes advertising for the the Talking Cards site itself.

DESIGN SOME VISUAL POETRY: This viral marketing tool for Coke, strangely-named Faithless, was recently nominated for a Webby Award. The site itself is even more bizarre then its name but, basically, you create something weird and email the url to a friend.

CREATE A MAP: I’ve included a number of map-making tools in early parts of this series. Here’s another one I posted about recently. It’s called Zee Maps.

MAKE A VIDEO WHERE YOU STAR AS AN ACTION HERO: Action Hero lets you upload your photo and you’re supposed to be able to direct yourself in a two minute video where you star as the hero. This, too, was just nominated for a Webby Award. I actually tried this site several months ago when it started and could never get it to work. I guess they finally worked out the bugs.

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