One day after I make a list of The Best Online Tools For Collaboration — Not In Real Time. I find another great one that should be on the list. It’s called 2Collab.

2Collab is a collaborative bookmarking application. You can create your own group with various privacy options, share bookmarks (including visual snapshots of webpages), and leave comments about the ones you submit and the ones others in the group contribute.

The privacy and group options, along with the commenting feature, really make this site stand-out for educational purposes. Students in my different classes (or in the different international sister classes we have) can create a group to share their favorite language-learning games and comment about them after they’ve tried them out.

It’s also a great tool for students to bookmark images and then categorize and write about them.

When I get a chance, I will add this site to the “The Best Online Tools For Collaboration — Not In Real Time.”