I’ve posted before about my skepticism of Word Searches being particularly useful to anyone.  The only exception being that they might be marginally helpful if students had to actually design them.

Word Roundup is a Word Search game from USA Today that I think is genuinely educational to English Language Learners.

It’s sort of a hybrid of a crossword puzzle and and word search.   Not only could students play it online, but it would be a good exercise for them to design their own with pen and paper, too.  Other students could then play those games.

It’s pretty difficult, though.  I’d say high Intermediate or Advanced English Language Learners might be able to manage it.  However, lower-level students could certainly use the model to make ones more appropriate for them.

I’ve placed it on my Intermediate English page under Word and Video Games.

If your School District filter by chance blocks the link, just do a search for “Word Roundup.”  It’s actually on plenty of different sites, and I assume that one of them would be accessible to schools.