I’ve accumulated a number of new sites to write another part in my series about the Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly.

Just to review, in order to make it on this list a site needs to be:

* accessible to English Language Learners.

* free

* available to use without having to register.

* provide an opportunity to create engaging online content that is hosted by the site indefinitely.

* easy to post on an online blog or journal.

This list is the latest in my “The Best…” posts, which now number nearly sixty.

Here, now, are new additions to The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly (by the way, I’m particularly excited about Nota, the last site on this list):

CREATE A QUIZ, SURVEY, OR POLL: I’ve listed a couple of similar online applications in previous posts in this survey, but I think Go To Quiz might be the best one of the bunch. It

MAKE A WEBNOTE: Webnotes lets you make…notes and organize them into multi-colored boxes that you can move around. They’re super-easy to create. One potential problem is that anyone with the url address can edit it. That issue is somewhat mitigated by the fact that you can easily access different versions of your page by the date it was created.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR FACE (OR SOMEONE ELSE’S): You can upload your own photo or choose from a variety on PhotoFace. Then, you can “age” it, make the person heavier or lighter, and make a number of other edits. Once you’re done you can email the link to a friend or teacher for inclusion in an online journal or blog.

SEND A MEMORIAL DAY E-CARD: With Memorial Day coming up next month in the United States, students can write and send a Memorial Day E-Card for posting on a blog or online journal. Here are some direct links to good Memorial Day E-Card sites: American Greetings, Blue Mountain, and egreetings.

PREDICT THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: As part of a discussion on the U.S. Presidential elections, students can use this map to predict which states will vote Democratic or Republican and either link or embed their predictions.

DESIGN YOUR OWN WEBSITE: Regular readers of this blog know how positive I feel about the online tool Jottit. It’s made a number of my “The Best…” lists and my students use it to create a website where they can display their online projects. I’ve got to play around with it a little more, but it’s possible that Nota might displace Jottit as my website-creator of choice. Nota is also extremely easy to use, but looks more attractive to Jottit. I’d encourage you to explore it and let me know what you think.

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