(Since I posted this, Sonja Phillips pointed out that being able to use multi-media is a two-edged sword — some images inappropriate for classroom use were on the site.)

Webware just posted about a new site called Polls Boutique that lets you create online polls for free. Yes, there are a zillion of these kinds of sites now, and you can find a lot of them on my website under Student Polls.

However, Webware says Polls Boutique is different because you supposedly can easily add other media to your poll.

I haven’t tried it yet, so can’t report how accessible it might be to English Language Learners. As I’ve written before, though, I think the creation of polls, responding to them, talking about them, and writing an analysis of their results is a great language development exercise for students.

I’ll eventually be putting together a “The Best…” list of online poll creation sites.