I recently learned, through the blog Primary Teacher UK, about a wonderful new learning game called Gut Instinct. It’s from the BBC.

It has questions divided into three categories — English, Math and Science, and is accessible to Intermediate English Language Learners, and maybe even Early Intermediates.

But the exciting feature of the game is that students can super-easily create their own virtual “rooms” for between two-and-thirty people where they can compete with their peers. Players also can compete with everyone who’s playing at the same time. However, it’s probably going to be less energizing for English Language Learners to compete with native English-speakers, so getting to choose to play with their friends is a a great option.

All they have to do is all type in the name of their room (or “league”), choose their avatar and nickname, and the game begins.

I’m placing the link under Word and Video Games on my website.