One of my (and, I think, my students’) favorite class projects each year is doing neighborhood analyses of their neighborhoods and others. We combine these studies with field trips, too.

I’ll be writing an article in the future about this project, and will share the link to it when it’s been published.

I’ve recently discovered two new demographic sites that would be accessible to English Language Learners.

One is Housing Maps, which is a “mash-up” of places advertised for sale or rent on Craig’s List with Google Maps. It will be helpful in my summer Economics class, too.

The other is called Squidzipper. It give some limited information by zipcode, along with photos. It does have an interesting twist. There are several questions related to the neighborhood which you can answer, and then see overall results of the voting.

I’ve placed these links on my website under Student Neighborhood Maps. You’ll find other research sites there, too, that are accessible to English Language Learners.