Here’s the latest in my “The Best…” series, which now numbers over sixty lists. This particular one, The Best Websites To Teach & Learn Life Skills, particularly goes along with two of my previous lists, The Best Websites For Students Exploring Jobs & Careers and The Best Sites For Learning Economics & Practical Money Skills.

It probably also makes sense to use this list, too, in conjunction with The Best Health Sites For English Language Learners.

I haven’t really been able to find that many sites that cover a lot of different life skills, and that are accessible to English Language Learners. Those that do are ranked high on this list. Other sites just have one or two good activities that relate to a particular life skill.

Here are my picks for The Best Websites To Teach & Learn Life Skills:

Number nine are several activities from the English Zone. They include an Envelope Reading Lesson, a nice activity about addressing and reading an envelope; and a couple on reading maps.

Number six is Lifeskills Lessons from EL Civics For ESL Students. This fine site has also been included on other lists I’ve posted.

Everyday Life. This site has made several other lists I’ve compiled. Its activities on food, money, work, shopping and maps are excellent.

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