I “save-up” web applications that would fit into this series of The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly, and then periodically post new installments containing seven or eight new sites.

Each new site meets the criteria of being free, usable without having to register, accessible to English Language Learners, and able to be used for making engaging online content quickly & easily.

Here’s the latest crop of additions:

MAKE A WISH IN PICTURE POETRY: Nokia has a Picture Poetry tool that lets you write a short wish and then the application will find appropriate images that go with the words. You can then email your creation to a friend or teacher for posting on a website or blog. I think it looks pretty cool.

CREATE YOUR OWN YARD: I’ve posted about this site previously. You can design your own backyard in this vocabulary-building activity.

DESIGN AN ARABIAN CARPET: Design a carpet and email the url to a friend or teaching for posting.

MAKE A FACE: Create a portrait in this nice vocabulary-learning exercise for Beginning English Language Learners. Email the url address and describe it.

DESIGN YOUR OWN WALLPAPER: Come-up with your own antique wallpaper design and email it for posting on a blog or website.

SEND A SIGN BOARD: In yet another example of viral marketing, design a sign board held by a very animated person communicating your message. Email it the url address for posting.

SING ON STAGE TO YOUR FRIENDS: Anyone can sing with Juanes (I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of him, but he apparently just won a Grammy). Upload your photo, and choose one on the site, play the song, and sing along via telephone or computer microphone. Email your performance to a friend and post the url on a website or blog.

I’ll be posting most of these links on my Examples of Student Work page.

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