English Movie Trailers is a nice site that’s been around for awhile. It has a large selection of movie trailers (commercials) from recent movies, along with clozes, quizzes, and other activities connected to each one. From previous visits, I had thought it was a neat idea and that it had quite a collection, but the lay-out seemed a little tricky for my students when they tried it.

I hadn’t visited it for some time, though, and stopped by to check it out again earlier today. I still have the same concerns about the lay-out. However, it either has a great new feature or I might have just missed it the before. Now teachers can set-up virtual classrooms and monitor the work and assessments that students complete at the site. And it’s free!

In our Family Literacy Project, we provide computers and Internet service to immigrant families so they can study English. In addition to our website, they log-on to three sites where we can monitor their progress — Raz Kids, I Know That, and English For All. English Movie Trailers will be a nice fourth site they can use.  We’ll be doing a group orientation to the site for them.

In the future I’ll be posting about another site we’re adding to the list that is more appropriate for high-Intermediate and Advanced English Language Learners.

I’ve place the link to English Movie Trailers on my website under Favorite Sites.