Here’s another section in my series on The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly.

You can see what this series is about and the criteria I use to determine worthy sites by looking at previous parts of this series. I think there are some particularly engaging activities in this post.

Here are the newest web applications to make this rapidly-growing list:

WRITE A “LANGUAGE OF FLAVOR”: This Spicy Pickle viral marketing site is a perfect-fit for English Language Learners. Users first write a word, or a series of words in a sentence. Then they mix the letters up, while also writing the correct words elsewhere. Then, the link is emailed for posting on a website or blog where other users can try to figure out these word and sentence “scrambles.” When they give up, or they want to check if they’ve got it, they just have to click to get the answer.

COMPOSE MUSIC WITH FRACTIONS: Create a fraction pie musical composition. I don’t quite get it, but I’m assuming it somehow helps students understand math. Basically, with the help of some instruments, you use fractions to compose some music. It’s not real obvious how you save your creation, so here are the instructions: Click on “Email it” and copy and paste the “code for the current rhythm.” Then, when you return to the site, go directly to “Email it” again and paste that code in the box labeled “paste a code for a new rhythm” and then click “done.” Your composition will then be played. Thanks to Alice Mercer for sharing this site.

SEND A TALKING PICTURE (& HAVE PEOPLE LEAVE AUDIO COMMENTS ON IT, TOO): Earlier today I wrote a post about the online version of Qlipboard. It’s a pretty neat web tool that, like all sites that I write about in this series, does not require registration.

BUILD YOUR OWN VERSION OF THOMAS JEFFERSON’S HOME: Build Your Own House lets you create your very own Monticello and email the link to a friend or teacher for posting on a blog or website.

WRITE A SECRET MESSAGE USING A CODE FROM THOMAS JEFFERSON: As any reader of recent cheap historical thrillers knows, Thomas Jefferson was “into” secret codes. You can use the Jefferson Wheel Cipher to write a message that others would have to decode using his online decoding machine.

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