I wrote a post a few days ago about Middlespot, a neat new combination bookmarking and search engine application. I like it a lot, and included a few questions in my post (which I also sent to them) about additional features that would make it great for English Language Learners (and others).

They are planning to add the ability to search and save images, and they hope to do so in the next thirty days. They also are planning on adding an embedding option, so you won’t just have to link to the url of your saved screenshots.

They also graciously pointed out that they already had the biggest option I was concerned about — the ability to write comments on each saved screenshot. Scott Brownlee from Middlespot wrote:

..you can also make a personal comment (annotation) on each screenshot in theworkpad. If you place your mouse cursor over a screenshot in a workpad, a small m will appear that provides you with the ability to comment and delete that result.

Assuming their plans to allow images happen, it’s a safe bet that Middlespot will be ending up on one of my “The Best…” lists soon.