I’ve written about how much I like Scribd. It lets English Language Learners very easily create their own “talking stories” — they upload a Word Document and, within seconds, students and others can see and hear the text.

Scribd’s “Achilles Heel” for educators, though, has been the fact that, if you wanted to find it, you could locate content inappropriate for the classroom elsewhere on its site.

Today, TechCrunch, reports that Scribd is removing all inappropriate content (anything pornographic)  from its site in one week!  Scribd writes in their blog:

It’s become clear that adult content is limiting Scribd’s usefulness to educators, parents, students, and publishers – exactly the types of users that benefit the most from our site and services.

Starting today, there will be a one week grace period to allow users with adult content on Scribd to download it to their local computer before it is removed from the website.